My Concert Experience- Judas Priest in Edmonton June 11, 2019

Concert Review –

Photos via Edmonton Journal

Interview via Edmonton Journal

Review via Edmonton Journal

This band is one of my husbands favorite bands, this will

be the fourth time he has seen them live.  My husband promised our 14 year-old daughter that he would take her to their concert! so last night it happened! I was very lucky to have gone along, a friend had cancelled on us last minute so an extra ticket became available!

The first time that I attended a Judas Priest concert was in 2008 ‘Eat me Alive’, after Rob Halford got back together with the band. for some reason I thought it was at the Coliseum but I am wrong- it was at Shaw Conference Center – Fantastic show!!

I took some pics and a bit of video that I will share with you, but please feel free to click on the links above and also check out youtube to see videos from last night! there is always someone who gets a better shot than I do, plus I really just wanted to enjoy the concert without recording it all 🙂

Opening band – Uriah Heep



Heading Out to the Highway

The Sentinel


(Take These) Chains

Judas Rising

Out in the Cold

Traitors Gate



Halls of Valhalla


No Surrender

Victim of Changes

All Guns Blazing

Hell Bent for Leather

Breaking the Law

Living After Midnight


18th album Firepower – have you heard it?

Videos to follow