Fires Make for Hazy City — Jane’s Heartsong

I have been spending a lot of time indoors this week because the smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia has been drifting into Alberta and Saskatchewan, even into Manitoba. Looking out my living room window, the sun was red although in this photo it looks orange. I wanted to get a few photos […]

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2 thoughts on “Fires Make for Hazy City — Jane’s Heartsong

  1. The smoke is horrible, but I am grateful it’s only smoke – we had enough of fires here in Fort McMurray. However, I feel so much empathy for the people of B.C. and for people everywhere who are faced with “natural” disasters. Hopefully the air quality will improve soon.

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  2. The same thing happened in America where smoke from the California fires drifted east from state to state across the nation. It’s a bad year for fires in North America.


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