Billy Talent Live at Edmonton K-days

Friday July 20th Billy Talent played a show on the TD Stage at K-Days in Edmonton.  First day of K-days and what a storm we had right around 4:30pm just as I was leaving work. Ok so this is an outdoor venue but the show was not  supposed to start until 9:30pm, I figured that the worst of the storm would have passed over and wad hopeful for a good evening. Thank my lucky stars it did just that. The show has some VIP tickets but of course were sold out by the time I was planning to attend, but the great thing was the venue also allowed access to anyone already on the grounds all age access. So I took my teen age daughter with me, she’s a huge Billy Talent fan so she was really excited! We got there early and managed to get a bit wet, lots of puddles so my feet were drenched. As you can see by the pics we were among the first bunch of people waiting for it to start.  They concert of course was delayed because of the storm earlier, but went on about 10 pm I think and ended at 12pm. As more and more people arrived and started to crowd around waiting for the show to begin I realized that I would have to suppress my claustrophobia…as crowds go this was a good one, some pushing as shorter people tried to get a better view . We located a good, and fairly secure spot by the recycle bin with garbage bin in front…gave us a bit of space to have a clear view over top. The guys directly behind us tended to get a bit pushy and were even moshing during the faster paced songs, I admit this scared the crap out of me but nobody got hurt.

Loved the concert as a whole,the band was awesome, the night was beautiful and crowds were great!