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I’m migrating my Tumblr blog posts into here, so let me start with this as my first post! Originally uploaded on Tumblr on July 11, 2015. — After exactly sixteen weeks, I have finally gotten around to finishing this post. This post has been a long time coming (like what it’s about), but I wanted  to make sure everything’s included. (Of course there’s still lots of parts that aren’t included) but anyway here it is!

Warning: This is the longest blog post I have ever written, so far, that is.

First of all I feel like I need to thank everyone who made this happen. My family, James Bjorkroos and all of my friends who have been very supportive and understanding (sometimes) from the very beginning, my countrymen, the people of the United Kingdom. Thank you all so so much.

I also made a playlist of the songs they performed on the show!

One Direction On The Road Again Tour Manila

Friday night. March 20, 2015. My dad and my sister arrived at Manila because that was the arrangement we made. They’d go to MOA with me and they’ll wait for me outside the venue so we’d go home to Baguio after the show.

March 21, 2015. At around 5 to 6 am I think I was already awake, probably because of the excitement. I couldn’t sleep anymore so I went online and I saw this!!


This literally made me so excited and for a second the fact that I’m gonna see them sunk in. I was still sad that Zayn wasn’t gonna be in the concert but I’m just super excited to see four of them.

We arrived at MOA at around 11 am, I think, and the bus ride going there was just me being super happy and not caring about riding a bus for once in my life. At that point I was already teary-eyed at the fact that my Dad and my sister came to Manila for this. My Mom didn’t like the whole arrangement (especially after she and my Grandma saw the queue for the seats on TV but I just wanted it to be 8 pm already.)

We went around MOA when we got there. I was excited out of my brains especially so when I kept seeing people wearing 1D shirts and and bags and holding 1D stuff and I just felt the 1D love everywhere. haha I love times like that. Outside you rarely find people who can admit they love 1D but MOA that day was just a big 1Dland and I loved it so much. (Although some of the 1D stuff were weird, some were cute! ((Like the headband I wanted that even my Dad looked for but we couldn’t find it)))

We went to National Book Store and the You and I fragrance booth. The booth was just outside National Book Store so that was nice and all. (I actually have a picture of that booth, maybe I should put it here hmmm) We ate lunch at Chowking (yes, I’m actually putting this here because I need to remember it) but I didn’t eat much and I would actually settle for just a bite of food because I was tense and excited and nervous and still thinking that I may not get to watch the concert. (Even though I was practically at the venue already haha)

After lunch, we decided to see where the venue was because we don’t exactly know where it is! We passed by the rides (the MOA eye, the twisty-turny thingie, the Pirate ride ((ahhh senior memories)) and the one with the water). I asked the parking lot guard where it was and he told us that the concert grounds is actually on the other side. So that was sort of a major fail, but I didn’t care much since I was just! super! excited!!

On our way back to the other side they were also setting up fireworks for a fireworks show, I believe, and I knew we were getting closer and closer because there were lots of screaming. Or not really screaming, but you could hear the excitement. And yeah, some screaming. I asked some guy for the sheet he was handing to other people. It contained some of the regulations for the concert and I wanted to kiss the paper (not even kidding) and lie down on the ground. It was still early and there were lots of people queuing and I wanted to stay there but it was too hot so we decided to go back in the mall.

We went around again, then sat by the entrance of MOA, and then at one point looked at concert grounds from the view on a foot bridge. You could see the stage (but not very clearly). But you could see the stage and there were lots of people on the bridge and idk that was exciting again.


My sister and I changed bags because my bag was bigger than hers and my dad told me that I should be careful with my stuff. After a while my dad told me I should go in the area earlier. And so we went back to concert grounds!

Before I left them I was feeling super emotional. I hugged them and I was literally very teary-eyed because it was finally happening. They traveled all the way from Baguio to Manila just to wait for me outside and I am forever thankful for that. I know they don’t understand why I needed to be there, but they were there and the mere thought is beyond words. Who would have thought that the girl who could only afford to cry over ticket-selling is actually going to the concert?!? Crazy.

I showed my card and ticket to the guards and all of them pointed me to where I would go. I passed by different sections and it was incredibly humbling to be there. (This is a shoutout to you, James Bjorkroos. I am forever thankful for what you’ve done for me :))

Some of the guards would joke around with me. They asked how much I spent on my ticket and I could actually understand their reactions.

There was no queue to the diamond section. (The night before the concert I had my card checked and I’m so thankful that I did because my section was not registered on the card. I had to wait for like an hour at SM North but yeah that was worth it.) Only a few people were in front of me and then I was in! There were monoblocks all over and I could see the stage where they would be performing in a couple of hours. I think that was past 5 or past 6. I was early, but so many people were earlier than me.

I looked for my section and spotted my seat easily. There were food areas around the seats and I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures. I should have taken pictures of everything. But anyway, I was saving my phone battery because that’s the only thing I can use if my parents’ digital camera dies.

I didn’t know anyone there. I didn’t know anyone who was in the same section as I was. I have a friend who’s sat at the VIP area, and two friends in the Titanium area but I guess they were busy because they didn’t respond when I texted them (or they just didn’t want to meet up with me haha)

After a while, I noticed that the people near me were actually with their tablets. I started freaking out immediately because I left my iPad with my sister. I know that the video and photo quality of my phone and the camera won’t be as good as the iPad’s so I went up to some bouncer and asked if iPads were allowed. He said they were, so I immediately called my dad and my sister and asked for my iPad. When I could see them from the Diamond gate, I asked this lady for help because I wasn’t allowed to exit the area anymore. She took my iPad for me and finally I have it!

And that’s when I took two selfies from where I was sat! Haha (I’ll put those pictures at the bottom of this post haha)

I also took a picture of the view of the stage from my seat, and I walked up to the barricade. The barricade was right in front of the second stage and you would not believe how hard I dry-heaved when I realized how close my seat was to the second stage!


^ This is the view from my seat – V11 🙂


^ This is the view from VIP. I was stood by the barricade.

After a short while, a girl sat by my left. Since the person I bought the ticket from said she bought with a friend, I figured she knew the person sat beside me. My seat is V11 and the girl sat down on V10. I talked to her and her name is Bea. She was with her friend named Ella. Ella is sat maybe two chairs in front of us. I chatted with them while more and more people entered the area.

I don’t remember when exactly but we went forward. I think that’s during the opening act – DJ KC. I’ve never been to a club but I think that’s the closest I’ll ever be to one. There was a DJ, it was dark, and there was lots of singing along and even dancing! It was super fun and the concert hasn’t even started yet but I was already feeling tired. HAHA

We sat closer to the stage because some seats weren’t vacated yet. That’s when we met Kim. Kim was alone, like me, so we started talking to her and we also met another girl named Bea. We had this agreement that we’d sit super close to each other so we could all fit at that row. However, there was this problem with a lady behind us (she was complaining that there were only 5 seats, but 6 of us were sat) so Bea and her sister (or was it her friend?) had to leave. And then after a while, they people who were really sat beside Kim arrived and Bea and Ella and I had to go back to row V.

That was the time they were playing songs. DJ KC was already done waaay before the incident with the lady and then suddenly, the tour video was playing! I could never explain the way my heart beat during that time (it’s beating loudly right now and I feel teary-eyed). However, the thing is, I wasn’t feeling teary-eyed during that time. My hand was just raised since I was videotaping. I wasn’t actually looking at my camera. I was stood on my tiptoes with my heart beating so loud.

The bouncers were telling everyone that standing up isn’t allowed. I know they were just doing their jobs but I already know I won’t be able to remain sat down once the boys were on the stag.

And then out of nowhere there was lots of screaming. I could no longer stop myself so I stood on the monoblock. Lots of people stood on the monoblocks too. I was still on my tiptoes, I couldn’t see them, and that’s when I looked at the screen and saw YELLOW. It was so bright and HD and I screamed because HARRY STYLES IS ON THE STAGE AND LIAM PAYNE AND LOUIS TOMLINSON AND NIALL HORAN THEY WERE ON THE STAGE. For a moment tears ran down my face but it ended too quickly because I was on a high!


^ That’s the tour video. I was just taking videos so all my pictures are screenshots hehe


^ That’s them. That’s when the screaming started and that’s when I stood up on my seat, not caring if people were complaining.

I couldn’t stop myself from singing along. I just did. I was screaming and I was shaking and I was seeing them live! So many years of waiting and wishing and I saw them live!

I didn’t notice that Bea and Ella had run to the barricades but after a while, I decided to do something and I ran to the barricades. I ran to the left side first and I even asked this mom (who was sat down) if I could stand up on the monoblock beside her but she kept shaking her head. So I ran to the right side and pushed hehehe until I was close to the stage!

At one point I even saw Kim again and Bea (the second Bea I met) and Kim and I stood on monoblock chairs but people got really angry hehehe


Here are pictures:


^ This was during Little Things. They were on the first stage. I was already by the barricade at this point. I reached the barricade (not exactly the barricade as there were like two people between me and the barricade) during Stockholm Syndrome, I think.


^ Night Changes! (These are screenshots so you could understand why the quality sucks hehe)


^ Night Changes! (These are screenshots so you could understand why the quality sucks hehe) And here are solo pictures of the boys when they were at the second stage!


^ I’m gonna cry at Louis Tomlinson goodbye I think this was during One Thing goodbye goodbye goodbye


^ Niall Horan goodbye world his hair is the first thing I noticed and it looks so fluffy and perfect and browny-blonde I’m gonna cry they look so good


^ I am very thankful for this boy because he kept going to the second stage and he was dancing a lot and I just love Liam Payne 🙂 I really love Liam Payne. And I still cannot believe I am actually writing about this. This happened. This is real.


^ This boy. This man. The love of my life. I don’t think it would ever sink in. I saw them live. I saw Harry Styles in the flesh. And I was rather close. He looks so good and handsome and at that moment I realized I was ruined. I would never be able to meet a person that could take my breath the way Harry Styles did. He looks so good and the pictures aren’t lying.

One Direction is real.

The only thing that would ever make that night better was if Zayn Malik was there. I will forever be sad that I didn’t get to see him. I actually still hoped that he would be there after all. But he wasn’t. This was technically the first concert without him. And all the concerts after that, Zayn wasn’t there anymore.

When I first arrived at the front part (which was also when I started filming using my iPad), Harry said “I will arrest every single one of you” and upon watching my videos, it was as if he was pointing at me. But I know he wasn’t pointing at me but he could be! Because my iPad case is purple and I’m recording with an iPad and I suppose he could see it? Or no I’m just dreaming. haha Anyway! Here is the picture:


He could be pointing at five different phones but whatever. Haha

I couldn’t stop singing along while recording. My hand was just raised and it really hurt and my feet hurt too because I was stood on my tiptoes but you don’t really care when you’re at a time you’ve wished for so long.


After You And I, the most horrible thing happened. My iPad is out of memory. I quickly deleted my Minions game but it still wasn’t enough 😦 I didn’t get a video of Little White Lies because the digital camera has also run out of my power. I got a video of Best Song Ever using my phone. Before that song started, Harry also did the dolphin thing but my phone’s camera quality isn’t very good so 😦

Anyway. Before You and I, we started singing Torn and it was just so beautiful and I loved it 🙂 Also, I saw Harry’s bun. HUHUHU

After Best Song Ever, there were fireworks. And those fireworks are the best fireworks I have ever see in my whole entire life just because they were set after the concert. And it was over.

I was still super excited when the show ended and when it was time to leave. I waited for Ella by the BonChon booth because I was going to give her her binoculars. And then after that, I met up with my dad and my sister so we could go home to Baguio.

We had a difficult time going to the bus terminal and getting a trip to Baguio but I was super happy and still very giddy. And 16 weeks after, I’m still as giddy. (Or not so much anymore.) But anyway, March 21 is a time I’d always go back and I wish I could play it over and over again. 🙂

Here are the unflattering selfies I took when I first had my iPad with me:


And here are the people I met before the show started:


^ From left to right – Kim, me, Bea, Ella (sadly I don’t have a picture of us with the other Bea I met, but I think we have another group picture in one of their camera’s)

So there! HAHA That’s a little rundown of the best night ever. Pretty sure there are lots of errors in this post but I really really needed to finally put this up because it kept begging to be posted.

(I will tag all my posts related to this night as best night ever. :))

I don’t think I’ll ever see them again, nor do I think I will ever get to see Zayn Malik and I will forever be sad about that fact (the latter fact) but I’m still glad I saw four of the boys I’ve been admiring for years now. I didn’t get the musicians up close but it was a really fun night of singing along with other fans and dancing and shaking and screaming and singing along with your favorite band. 🙂

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