Reblog: Harry Styles Reveals The ‘Dunkirk’ Mistake That Caught Christopher Nolan’s Attention

Harry Styles is officially a movie star. On Thursday (July 14), Styles stepped out at the World Premiere of Dunkirk in London where he opened up about his experience working with Christopher Nolan on the film, and the mini mistake he made that caught the director’s attention on the very first day of filming. “He creates the physical world around you,” Styles said about Nolan’s attention to detail and authenticity during an interview with a Warner Bros. correspondent on the red carpet. “I think being around someone so passionate about what they do, who obviously knows so much about it, I think my first day on set he told me that my laces were tied wrong and they would’ve tied them differently.”

Who knew there was a specific way WWII soldiers would’ve tied their shoes? Clearly, Nolan did and that’s why Styles couldn’t get away with tying them incorrectly! That attention to detail, however, is what Styles loved most about working with the iconic director.

“I think when you’re around someone so passionate it is so infectious and obviously incredibly inspiring. He’s kind of like the conductor who also knows how to play every single instrument, so it’s very easy to trust him when you’re on set with him,” he explained.

As for what Styles thinks of the finished product? He is a BIG fan, and it’s making us even more excited to see the movie.

“The film is incredible, I think, ya. I think watching it, it is so emotional,” Styles admitted. “It is kind of the opposite side of war that I don’t think most films set in wartime is. It’s so human and you’re drawn into these characters. The way that Chris films you feel like you’re running alongside of them, and like you’re swimming with them. I think that’s incredible.”

Being a part of the film — or at least feeling like you’re one with the characters — is something we love to see, and with Styles handsome face mixed in, what could go wrong?

Dunkirk hits theaters on July 21, 2017.

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