Niall Horan Reaches Out To Fans Upset By His Tour Announcement With Heartfelt Note — People’s Choice

If there is one thing we know about Niall Horan, it’s that he loves his fans. His most recent act of love, comes in the form of a letter on Twitter, and it’s so sweet. On Tuesday (July 11), Horan reached out to his amazing fan base on Twitter to apologize to anyone who will be unable to see him on tour. Yes, Horan is going on tour, but his Flicker Sessions 2017 first solo tour will be small — like 21 cities small — and not every country will be represented, which has upset a LOT of his loyal followers.



“It’s been incredible to see such an amazing reaction to the ‘Flicker Sessions.’ Thank you so much as per usual for your love and support,” Horan began his handwritten letter addressing how much he truly loves his fans.

Although Horan will be stopping in cities like Dublin, and London, in the UK and then a few stops in the states including Los Angeles, Boston, Nashville, and more, he’s keeping his tour fairly intimate. All of the venues are much smaller than those he toured with One Direction, and according to the Irish singer’s letter, there is a reason for that.

“For those of you wondering why I’m not stopping nearer you this time please bear with me a little longer while I plan 2018,” he continued. “This is just the beginning and an opportunity for me to re-learn the craft of doing shows and touring in general.”

Despite the fact that numerous fans replied to Horan’s tour Twitter announcement on Monday with crying faces, Horan’s reason for keeping it small makes sense. Plus, if things go well, these won’t be the only tour dates Horan announces soon!

“Please stay patient and there will be more exciting news soon. Love you all, Nialler xx,” he concluded.

Poor Niall, this letter shows he really doesn’t want to upset his fans, and we feel for him and the countries full of diehard Niallers who can’t see him live. The good news is that with a tour starting up later this summer, a full solo album can’t be far behind, so here’s hoping Horan releases his upcoming album ASAP!

For more information regarding the Flicker Sessions 2017 tour click here.

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