Reblog: Louis Tomlinson Confirms Solo Album is in the Works!!

Stop everything you’re doing, Louis Tomlinson is definitely working on a solo album! With so many solo ventures taking shape from the men of One Direction, we’ve been waiting on Tomlinson to officially join the party, and now he has. On Monday (June 6), the British singer finally confirmed that he is in fact working on a solo album, by tweeting a little teaser about a new song. Sure, he didn’t give away too much information, but he did use the word “album” so we are getting ready for another 1D member to take over the music charts soon.


“Got another song back that I’ve written the other day,” Tomlinson tweeted. “Can’t wait for you guys to hear …. album coming along nicely!”

Do you hear that 1D fans? The album is “coming along nicely!” Now all we need to know is how soon we can expect to hear this album. Okay, we need more than that, like what song is he referring to in this tweet? Will the album feature a collaboration with Liam Payne, like the two former bandmates previously teased?

While we are all very happy to listen to Harry Styles’ debut solo album, Harry Styles, on repeat, as well as Payne’s debut single, “Strip That Down,” and Niall Horan’s second single, “Slow Hands,” this news is currently all we can think about.

Tomlinson has already released music outside of One Direction, teaming up with Steve Aoki back in December for the EDM track, “Just Hold On,” but this tweet proves he’s ready to make it all about him now, and we couldn’t be happier.

What do you think Tomlinson’s sound will be? What are your guesses for the album title?

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