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In just 27 days, photographer Zach Baranowski travelled across Canada to capture the nation’s range of landscapes in 150 photos to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The 21-year-old Toronto native said he was “blown away” by the country’s beauty, but it was Alberta that really stood out. “I loved the Rockies; I loved the Badlands,” he said. “It had everything that caters to my photographic eye.

“When we were in Jasper, on the side of the highway was a herd of elk and I got really close to one of them with the Rockies in the back — it was a beautiful shot.”

A herd of elk feeding in Jasper.  Zach Baranowski

The stunning images Baranowski captured are for Posterjack, an independent Canadian-owned photo company based in Toronto, which wanted to do something “unique and special” for Canada’s milestone year.

“I hope people will see Canada for the natural beauty it offers,” said Posterjack President Tim Faught. “It’s incredible when you see some of the photos Zach has taken. It’s mind-blowing that there is so much diversity from coast to coast.”

Baranowski captured images including a split-second avalanche in the Columbia Icefield, rising tides in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, a pink sunset settling over the Badlands and red sandstone cliffs at Thunder Cove in P.E.I.

Sunrise over the Badlands in Drumheller. Zach Baranowski

The hardest part of Baranowski’s trip was battling the weather. He and his girlfriend drove an RV through snow, rain and even floods in Montreal. But after long days on the road and staying up late to edit photos, the pair said “wow” to something each day, making the challenges worth it.

“A lot of people think they have to travel across the ocean to see beautiful places, but really we have it in our own backyard,” he said.

All 150 photos will be available to download for free once the final selection has been chosen, said Faught.

“It’s our gift to Canadians, to all of Canada, for Canada’s 150th birthday.”

Baranowski’s photo journey can be seen at and

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