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If you didn’t have the chance to catch it or didn’t feel like cutting off your arm to pay for an Apple Music subscription, fear not! For I have brought you the top 3 most profound moments from Harry Styles: Behind The Album (with accompanying gifs because trust me you want to see these).

1. The most obvious: When Harry had his majestic mane cut clean off.

I closed my eyes for this part, too, Harry.

Ah, Harry’s hippie mane. How it shall be missed… Although, his short hair looks much more mature, complimenting the mature shift in music for which we are thankful. Well, that and we’re low-key hoping he’ll use the new, short dew to bring back the headscarves.

This is fetus Harry rocking a headscarf in 2013. It is also a prime example of how happy the world would be about the return of his rockstar af headscarves.

2. When Harry met Mitch.

Harry + Mitch = Really, really good music.

Long story short: Harry needed a guitar player so, naturally, the team scheduled one to come in. Unfortunately, said guitar player couldn’t make the gig and backed out, leaving Harry and his band without a key musician. Luckily, Ryan (the sound engineer) was able to convince his roommate to come down to the studio and play guitar the day after his shift at a pizza shop. Enter Mitch.


Harry had never experienced this sort of album writing process, whereas Mitch had never even recorded in a studio before. This being a new experience for both musicians, made it easier for them to write together, record together, and ultimately form a brotherly bond. Enough of a bond that they exchanged guitars.

Alas, a beautiful bromance was born. One that made up the soil from which Harry’s captivating new album bloomed. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

3. When a gospel choir #blessed Harry, his album, and all of our ears.

I mean, honestly, look at that face.

This moment in the documentary is by far my favorite. It’s one of those moments that stops you in your tracks and send shivers down your spine. I haven’t been submerged in such aggressive goosebumps since I realized I was in the same room as Sir Elton John.

Harry’s single, Sign of the Times, is one of those moving songs that will be remembered for generations to come, but for it to be the profound hit that it is, it needed a little extra kick. Nothing a good ‘ol gospel choir couldn’t fix.

Harry’s reaction to the blending of angelic voices couldn’t be more pure. He is in absolute shock realizing that, not only is he witnessing such beauty and talent, but that it is all coming together for a song that he wrote. It’s a heart-swelling moment that makes you want to cheer, cry, and hug every single one of those choir members… and Harry of course, but when do you not want to do that?


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