Reblog: Solo Liam Payne is coming…

Solo Liam Payne is coming and I honestly couldn’t be more excited about it. No, seriously. Out of all the 1D guys Liam is the one I am most looking forward to. I have a feeling his music will be the style and genre that I listen to most.

For example lets throw it back to 2014 when he remixed my girl Cheryl’s (and his now girlfriend) hit ‘I Don’t Care’.
And with rumours that he’s been working with Migos, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s choreographer, what more could you want?!
So this week it looks like he has started his promo campaign, attending a few radio stations in America. It seems he has spoken a lot of his new little family (which I find absolutely adorable by the way!!!), Cheryl and their son, Bear.
He has also been a lot more active on his social media pages, posting a 5 second teaser of something (italics) on his social media channels.
On 11th May Liam went ‘live’ on Facebook, assumably to debut his single.
debuted his solo single via Facebook Live (perks of technology ey!), attracting well over 50,000 viewers.
I was ready and waiting on the edge of my seat at 6pm on his Facebook page and at 6 on the dot there it was… A 40 second teaser of his new song. ‘”Is that it, you may think?”
But lets break it down as to what we now know about Liam’s new song..
Name: Strip That Down feat. Quavo
Release date: 19.05.2017
Now I’m not going to lie I was expecting little bit more  BUT I guess Liam just wants to keep us on our toes a little bit more! And the live video certainly gained some awareness of the song, with ‘#StripThatDown’ later trending on Twitter. I have to say this has definitely got me excited for the rest of the promo campaign and to hear the song in full!
Click here to watch the teaser!

via LP1 — Keepin’ up with Khadija