REblog: Take Two: Discover All of One Direction’s Hidden Music Video Secrets

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As a band, the guys of One Direction were known for their over-the-top, always memorable music videos. From dressing up in elaborate costumes, to bringing the laughs and showing their goofy sides, to hitting fans right in the heartstrings, they did it all. So when the actual ending to their “History” music video was released, we couldn’t help but wonder what other secrets about their videos were out there, and we found some super interesting tidbits that only Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and even Zayn Malik only knew. Until now.

Click through the gallery to discover facts you didn’t realize about the band’s music videos and then drop a comment below telling us which of these surprised you the most!

One Direction Wmyb Car

The shots of Louis Tomlinson driving the guys around in “What makes You Beautiful” almost had to be cut out because of the police.

“The cops were saying ‘Hold on,’ and I’m telling them to go. Literally, [the officers] came up, and they were screaming at us, and they walked away and we all laughed inside the car. I was like, ‘Look guys, we have to pay attention to them because if they shut us down, we can’t use the highway,'” John Urbano, the director of the video revealed.

As it turns out, Louis was driving way too slow by traffic law standards, but it was because John was filming the driving scenes from the backseat of the car, instead of filming the typical way of hooking up the car to a trailer in front that would pull it along.