My Vacation to Honolulu Oahu Hawaii

Escaping frigid temperature to visit warmer climates, what could be better than a trip to Hawaii! So much to see & do for the whole Family;
We stayed at the Hilton Hawaii Village in the Tapa Tower, beautiful! We had it all right in one location! with 20 restaurants and 5 pools plus many shops all in one location – and within walking distance of many other local restaurants, shopping etc.! The resort has it’s own Luau that I highly recommend and there are fireworks every Friday night!
The water, the beaches, the flowers, the palm trees…I loved it all
You may not want to stay all the time on this resort so go and explore the rest of the island!
We did a circle Island tour ;
We saw many famous attractions, Hunama Bay, Dole Plantation, North Shore plus so much more – really all tour guides were very informative and very well worth it.
We went to Pearl Harbour
Be sure to book a dolphin tour with Dolphin Star!
One of the biggest drawbacks to this vacation was the low Canadian $…Now that my adventure & relaxation in Hawaii has come to an end I must get back home & go to work until next time πŸ™‚