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I don’t necessarily agree with this list…and I’m sure that you have your favorites as well, please leave me a comment!

The top 10 best One Direction songs

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One of the greatest boy bands of all time is One Direction. It is hard to narrow down their best songs since they have enough material to fill multiple lists. One Direction is a band which certainly inspires a lot of passion amongst their fans. Declaring the top ten One Direction songs will certainly stir a lot of debate and controversy, everyone has their own favorites. Discovered on X Factor UK, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and former founding band member Zayn first rose to fame in 2010 when Simon Cowell brought the boys together as a group. Their popularity was instantaneous and they haven’t looked back since.

10. “Over Again” is off the group’s 2012 sophomore album Take Me Home. The song starts of sweet and slow then the tempo speeds up changing the energy of the song. Harry and Louis’ solos really add to the quality and stand out as features on this track.

9. “Fireproof” is considered to be a song with strong musical value and was released before its album FOUR dropped in 2014. With outstanding harmonies and a light-hearted feel this song was created as a gift for their fans. It was the boys way of saying thank you to their fans for the tremendous support they have given the band over the years.

8. “Walking in the Wind” is a bittersweet song touching on the ups and downs of relationships. Though telling the tale of a break up, the song offers hope to the brokenhearted. Co-written by Harry Styles, it is off the 2015 Made in the AM album.

7. “You and I” is off the 2013 Midnight Memories CD and won a Brit Award for Best British Video. Director Ben Winston’s technique for morphing the lads in to each other was mesmerizing. This delicate guitar ballad became famous for Zayn’s high note towards the end of the song as well.

6. “What Makes You Beautiful” is the breakout song that put One Direction on the musical map. This catchy tune struck pure gold and dominated the airwaves in 2012. It is off the album Up All Night, which also included the fan favorite “Moments.”

5. “Best Song Ever” uses a catchy hook from the classic Who tune “Baba O’Riley.” This is a song with a fun vibe. Some say it is different than most of One Direction’s other songs, but the album Midnight Memories has a pretty strong Pop Rock sound in general.

4. “Story of My Life” was a collaborative effort between One Direction and John Ryan and Julian Bunetta. They boys really liked the demo of the music and help finish it up by contributing to the lyrics. The music video for this song was considered exceptional by the fans due to the glimpses of childhood images of the band members which were included.

3. “Perfect” is rumored to have been written about Taylor Swift. Harry Styles has never straight-up confirmed the song is about her, his former girlfriend. Only Harry and co-writer Louis Tomlinson know for sure and they’re not talking, though his well-timed smirks when asked about it tell it all. He has said people often draw upon their own personal experiences when writing.

2. “Drag Me Down” is another song specifically dedicated to the One Direction fans and was released a few months before the Made in the AM album release. With a more mature vibe, this song did not sound like any of the band’s previous releases. Dropped while the group was out on tour, it was also the first single since Zayn Malik’s sudden departure from the group. It broke Spotify’s streaming record and proved despite Zayn’s absence the band was still a force to be reckoned with.

1. “History” has a bluesy groove and was co-written by Louis and Liam. A debate is swirling around this song as people wonder if this was One Direction’s way of saying to their fans, this is not the end, don’t worry, we’re coming back. Check out the video for this song in the clip above.

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