Bianca’s Bit: Time to go a new direction without One Direction

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Bianca gives the lowdown on how to survive life without our five boys from Europe.

“I’m having a really hard time with the One Direction hiatus. Any suggestions?”

Has it really been almost a year since they separated?

Forget Brangelina’s split; this breakup was and continues to be something to talk about.

I’m being dramatic, of course, but this parting of ways wasn’t something most people saw coming. For five years, we saw One Direction produce a new album every November that would be followed by a world tour during the summer into early autumn, meaning they really only had two or three months off a year.

You’re probably realizing now that I’m not referring to this as a hiatus, but a breakup, and that’s what it is: a breakup.

One Direction started saying they were going on a hiatus around the time of the release of their last album, Made in the A.M. The term “hiatus” translated into a, “Yeah, we’re over this but we don’t want to upset anyone.”

After the departure of Zayn Malik in March 2015, fans became hysterical. I vividly remember my sister bawling on the floor of our yearbook room my senior year of high school as she tried to piece together what went wrong and what the fans could do to fix it.

But there wasn’t anything to fix.