Hope, Beliefs, Empathy, Love, Caring, Understanding…Future

As a Mother I am truly horrified at all the terrible things that I hear/see going on around me on a daily basis.

As an adult I’ve adapted and become desensitized to a lot of it. In the evening when I want to chill and relax at the end of the night, I turn on the TV and flip through the stations…I would really rather NOT watch anything that is violent, that contains anything to do with brutality, people killing people in the name of entertainment? Even shows like the walking dead….OMG I really tried to avoid watching that show for the longest time because of the hideousness of the zombie like killers…that were once human.  My husband is addicted to that show and eventually I made myself watch parts of it too.  I would rather watch crazy cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen and listen to the wonderful Gordon Ramsey yell at these poor people about taking more pride in cooking a better dish 🙂

Just recently my daughter had a social project that she was working on about the Mikmaq (properly pronounced ‘meeg mah’) aboriginal people of Eastern Canada/US & she asked me to help her. She had to describe the culture of the Mikmaq and she was really burnt out due to all the afterschool sports I push her into Lol, homework just seems the last thing on her mind.

So I gave it shot she had a ton of website info and we came across this on that really stuck:

www.danielnpaul.com/Mi’kmaqCulture/We were not savages

Prior to European settlement the Mi’kmaq lived in countries that had developed a culture founded upon three principles: the supremacy of the Great Spirit, respect for Mother Earth, and People Power. This instilled in them a deep respect for the laws of the Creator, the powers of Mother Earth and the democratic principles of their society. As a result they enjoyed the benefits of living in a harmonious, healthy, prosperous and peaceful social environment.

The nature of Mi’kmaq society, which included sharing and free expression, was so advanced in the establishment of equitable human rights principles that greed and intolerance were all but unknown. Thus, the European concepts which separated people into a distinct hierarchy based upon birth, colour, race, lineage, religion, profession, wealth, politics and other criteria would have seemed to them unbelievable. This absence of biases about the differences of others is one of the best indicators of how far advanced Mi’kmaq culture was in the development of human relations.

The lofty plateau the Mi’kmaq had reached, where all people were accepted as equals, is an ideal that modern society is still working towards. In retrospect, if the Mi’kmaq and most other Native Americans had not reached this stage by 1492, European colonization could not have occurred. Instead, because of their skin colour and strange religions, Whites would have been either enslaved, repulsed, or exterminated upon arrival.


Why is there so much hatred in the world? Why do we kill?

If only people could just stop for a moment. Stop and think, just because someone is different, speaks a different language or looks different.

As a Mother I pray for Peace in the world. Love, Understanding, Compassion, Hope…