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The internet was a revolution because it reorganized a large part of the economy and society around the network structure, becoming a fantastic medium for commerce, finance, power and culture. It also definitely changed our perception of time and space. We now live in a globalized and connected world where information flows at the speed…

The potential of data

Data, as a connection between cloudified artificial intelligence and the physical world, is a new and normalized access point for tech to address the world’s challenges, allowing tech people to operate, from the data space, on physical world issues, such as:

  • Self-driving cars, which could help to solve the 1.3 million deaths on the road each year (I’m assuming that computers will never get drunk).
  • Precision agriculture, which uses sensors directly in the ground to monitor and address the soil’s needs, and will help to improve crop yields with fewer pesticides/fertilizers. This is a perfect example of how deep data is becoming integrated into the real world, directly plugged into nature. As there are 800 million undernourished people in the world, with at the same time a growing global population, this is a key challenge.
  • Smart grids, which allow electricity producers to adapt electricity consumption to their production capacities instead of adapting production to consumer needs, and could thus help to reduce by 18 percent CO2 emissions of electricity production in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Energy…..

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