Hail To The Queen Bey!

Amazing! Thank-you for posting this, I hope you don’t mind me reblogging? Very sad to have missed this!!

A Small Dose of Adventure

Anyone who would ask me if there is any local or international artist I would like to see on stage live. Only ONE artist I can think of. The answer??? BEYONCE.

When Beyonce had her concert in Taguig, Philippines last 2007, I told myself, I have to see this woman and watch her perform live. She is just freaking awesome on stage.

One afternoon, Dave and I where having lunch, he picked up the newspaper and to my surprise it says in the headline : Beyonce Announces World Tour Stop in Edmonton”. This is just like a few days after we watched her in Super Bowl on TV. I was in awe. Dave knows how I wanted to see Beyonce and the ONLY artist that I am really dying to see.

Initially, he bought 2 Floor Tickets C1 Row 30. It’s a bit far from the stage…

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