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Another school year is now in full swing, which for many kids means reconnecting with friends and learning. It also means a start of another data collection cycle that is neither visible nor truly optional for the majority of the students. Over a third of US middle and high school students use school-provided laptops or tablets. Even more kids are required to adopt a wide range…

The first step to recovery is supporting kids in reclaiming the ownership of their digital lives and bringing the longing for privacy back into this generation’s DNA. Starting now, every parent must begin asking questions and call for transparency about the school and corporate access to kids data and its security.

The hardest part will be to transform the tech industry’s modus operandi, which is largely based on indiscriminate collection of information for monetization.

Not unlike the automobile industry lowering emission and fuel consumption levels, which once was considered impossible, it must become a long-term goal for the tech community to strike a balance and moderate its own collection and use of data in the interests of kids’ information security.

Send this letter to your principal to understand more about what data is collected on your child, how it is protected and who has access to it. You can find security & privacy tips here.

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