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Try on beauty looks from NYFW right after the shows

For those in the know (i.e., anyone hyper-focused on becoming Instagram-famous), Perfect365 is an editing app beloved by influencers. It’s like Facetune, only it’s far more involved. Instead of simply thinning and blurring, users can edit everything about their appearance. The app allows people to try on specific beauty looks in real time, or they can create their own. It’s precise–imagine making your eyebrows thicker, your under eye bags invisible and your teeth blindingly white. ButPerfect365 doesn’t just want to help people become incredibly beautiful in photographs to Catfish strangers on dating apps–it wants to let users feel like they’re models walking in NYFW, even if they’re nowhere near it….

Perfect365 claims to be a “glam squad in your pocket.” Unfortunately, while it does let users make major changes, it also allows them to obsess over everything they thought looked good. Suddenly, when you can make your face thinner and your blemishes disappear (not that you have any), it makes you notice you might not have looked quite as perfect as you thought the other evening.  

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