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A new book on Michael Jackson titled “Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance” reveals the King of Pop actually loved women, contrary to what the world thinks about him as a pedophile. In a post published by Raechal Leone Shefelt, the author Shana Mangatal admits Michael Jackson was her idol as a teenager, […]

“He was just a normal guy who had an immense amount of talent. A lot of time when I was with him, I had to keep reminding myself, ‘This is Michael Jackson, this is the King of Pop.’ It was very easy to forget that when you were with him, because he was really unassuming. He never put on any airs, like he was a superstar in private. Yeah, onstage he did. He was the most magnificent star to ever live, but in real life, he wasn’t like that.”…

In her words: “He had gone through the music industry since he was a child, and he experienced so much racism and, almost to prove a point — this is my theory — that that’s why he didn’t mind that his skin was changing, because it made him colorless, not raceless,” she says.

“Because he was always extremely proud of being a black man. That was always very important to him, and it was very important that people knew that.

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