Exclusive – GiGi Hadid pregnant with Zayn Maliks baby! — realitynoise

December 1st –  Obviously this is a rumor and I do not believe that it is true…I see all the interest in this article and I’m really amazed!

I truly wish Zayn & Gigi all the best whether they do have a child together or not…

Exclusive – GiGi Hadid Pregnant with Zayn Malik’s baby!

Gigi was sported with what some thought looked like a “baby bump” and has chosen to dress in looser clothing to hide what appears to be her current pregnancy. A source close to the couple confirmed “Gigi and Zayn are expecting a child and they both are excited and scared at the same time. Hopefully their relationship will survive the ups and downs that await them.”

via Exclusive – GiGi Hadid pregnant with Zayn Maliks baby! — realitynoise


One thought on “Exclusive – GiGi Hadid pregnant with Zayn Maliks baby! — realitynoise

  1. WOW – I can’t believe at how many views this post has had! As of today there has been 1,616 views of this post…The problem I face is that since this was posted 4 months ago there has been no proof of Gigi actually being pregnant so I’m guessing this is just a rumor? I remember when I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter, I could still get into my favorite jeans…


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