The View From the Cheap Seats (Or: What I Would Have Titled this Essay if it Weren’t for the Act of God Last Night at the Xcel Energy Center)*


I believe in God.

How else could one possibly explain the divine intervention bestowed on my sister and I as we made our way through Xcel security to get to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert last night? As we slid our bags to the check-in and got our tickets scanned, the staff member sucked her teeth and said, “Oh, you guys are 2oo’s, aren’t you?”

In short, yes. We were, by my own unfortunate mistake, ticketed for the highest section in the furthest corner of the arena, which felt like miles away from the stage and not at all where I thought I was buying tickets for. But I had too many tabs open, each with a different view in the Xcel saved, so I could compare tickets before buying, and I accidentally bought the wrong ones. So I didn’t super appreciate this lady rubbing that in. Until she…

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