Six Years Of One Direction.

Anna Andrésdotter Nilsson

The fangirl world is going crazy today as it’s been six years since the amazing band One Direction was formed by Simon Cowell on the X Factor.

Deep Breaths People! Deep Breaths!

As a fangirl myself I’m having a very sentimental day listening/watching all of their music videos and all their behind the scenes videos on their youtube channel (I’m also ill and have nothing better to do) and reminiscing on all of the amazing memories I have from going to their concerts.

The first time I got to see the boys live was back in the summer of 2014 when myself and my best friend Jennie flew over to London, queued in the pouring rain for 12h and then finally got to see the boys live after having just listened to their music for four years!

The second time was that same summer, with that same best friend, but…

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