Where Does Society Stand with Rave Culture?

Amazing article! Very thought provoking and unfortunately there are no easy solutions. Thanks for sharing!

It has been over a week since I attended the 2016 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and I’m proud to announce that I finally finished recuperating.

img_4509 kineticFIELD with lasers. Photo by me

There’s no point in recapping the event. EDC was fun. The music, the visuals and the energy leave a lasting effect. As I write this, I’m currently wrapping up GTA’s Friday night set. Marshmello’s guest-filled set is up next, and I plan on listening to RL Grime’s drop-heavy set right after.

Despite all of this, I find it pointless to write about my time at EDC. What I consider to be a unique experience is, to be quite honest, no different from the experiences the other 400,000 attendees had, and that’s OK. The energy and emotions felt at the event were infectious.

But it’s hard not to be mindful about present-day rave culture. A story surfaced last week of a 20-year-old San…

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