Inside Scoop On the 5sos fam (Getting to know them)

Shadae Music


5 seconds of summer an Australian Rock band from Sydney formed in 2011. The group started posting covers of themselves on YouTube. They toured with One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour. The band has been making huge amount of success these past year. Last year the came out with their second album Sounds Good Feels Good. Now they’re on their second headlining tour called Sounds Live Feels Live. I had the opportunity to get inside the fanbase and ask the 5sos fam what does this band mean to them. I was surprise with the amount of submissions I was getting and was amazed with the amount of love the fans have for these boys.

@Stainedhearts – I became a fan in late 2013. My favorite song is invisible because I can relate to it so much and it’s important to me to have music that I can’t and…

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