Flashback Friday – back to the 80’s

Top 20 Canadian bands of the 80’s

Barenaked Ladies, Luba, Sarah McLachlan, Moxy Fruvous, Sass Jordan, Parachute Club, Pursuit of Happiness, Corey Hart, Mestro Fresh Wes, Tragically Hip, Gowan, Skinny Puppy, Spoons, Mitsou, Glass Tiger, 54-40, Cowboy Junkies, DOA, Men Without Hats

…What about Bryan Adams

The 50 best songs of the 80’s

It will go down in CBC Music history as the Great Gowan Debate of 2014: “Strange Animal” or “Criminal Mind”? Of course it depends on the context, which in this case was: what is the best, but also the “most ’80s,” Gowan song?

That question — what was the best, most ’80s song? — was at the core of this list, in which we sifted through the biggest, most popular, best and even cheesiest songs in order to present to you a cohesive list that stands as a snapshot of what Canada sounded like for a decade. It was the ’80s, so of course there’s metal, but there are also timeless rock anthems. There are cheesy synths, sure, but there was also the daring new wave scene happening across the country. And at a time when a lot of major artists around the world were creating some pretty questionable content, Canadian superstars were shining brighter than ever.