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k i m m i w o n d e r s

So a little fact about me, I LOVE music festivals!  I have always wanted to go to a more local festival such as T in the Park or Glastonbury but its usually at a time that I am on holiday or it ends up costing too much to travel : (

Kingdance (Koningsdag) 2015 |  Zwolle, the Netherlands

Last year on 27th April, I attended my first music festival which was the Kingdance event on Koningsdag (king’s day) in Zwolle, the Netherlands.  It was my first time experiencing such an atmospheric crowd, and although it was nothing compared to a festival in Amsterdam, I still had a great time! It was also where I first discovered Hardstyle – something I never imagined I would enjoy, but when you’re slightly tipsy and with friends it is absolutely incredible!

AMF 2015 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The next major music event I…

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