When Will There Be No Hate In This World?

I’ve always been a bit of an idealist…since I was a kid I saw everything in black and white…good vs bad, right vs wrong. I was brought up in the United Church to love everyone & follow the 10 commandments.  As a young teen it shattered my heart and soul when we learnt about the Second World War in school. I was so horrified to learn about the concentration camps where many innocent people were put to death and treated worse then animals.  I remember seeing the movie “Roots” and again being in denial and disbelief that I lived in a world where people did these things to each other…I really believed that there had to be an easy answer and solution to make sure that these atrocities never happened again! But as I grew older and learnt more about life I learnt that I had to grow a thicker skin and that there is no simple answer to anything.

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Omar Mateen was a Child of America not ISIS

these past couple of days I have read so many stories about the shooting in Orlando, from so many different perspectives and I would never ever want to tell anyone in the Pulse community that I know what they are going through…but I do feel grief and sadness over this terrible loss and terror that was caused by a very sick man with weapons.

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It’s not safe to be a queer person of color in America

When will the hatred end? When will people be able to live truly in Peace? When will people stop killing each other and treat each other with respect as human beings?