Fandoms and fangirling.

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Fandoms and fangirling.


We live in a world where we have fast and direct access to all forms of media which can provide several divisions of information, one of which is celebrities and gossip. This is especially through platforms e.g. Twitter, Buzzfeed, Tumblr and Instagram. The power of the internet has stemmed the growth of one aspect of celebrity phenomenon, also known as fangirling. The internet enables individuals to have direct contact with their favourite celebrities through one click – that “follow” button whilst also through likes, DM’s, shares, retweets etc. Social media sites have provided a foundation where individuals as a result can also find and “virtually meet” other fans from different places across the world who share the same interest. Networking through these platforms allows celebrities to keep track of what their fans feel about their pieces of work which arguably is the strongest form of feedback.

However, this isn’t all as beneficial as…

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