Album Review: (I Deserve) Better & I Love Me

Yesterday I finally listened to Meghan Trainor’s Album “Thank-you” – I Love It!

There is definitely enough to satisfy all my music listening needs :-)From the soft and grooving songs of Better, Kindly Calm me Down, Hopeless Romantic & Just a Friend to You,…to the Sassy sounds of Woman Up, Me Too, Watch Me Do, No & I Love Me It is a really great album!

I deserve better

better than you…tell them what they already know,

I deserve better.

“Better” I like this song.  it is a toned down sound for Meghan.

and of course my favorite song on the album has to be I Love Me:

I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast

I love Y’all

but I love me the most

Watch Meghan’s “Me Too”…such a fun song!

I Thank God every day,

That I woke up feeling this way,

And I can’t help loving myself,

I don’t need nobody else….

If I was you,

I’d want to be me too, I’d want to be me too, I’d want to be me too,

If I was you ,

I’d want to be me too….


Meghan Trainor – Thank-you on itunes

(itunes) Editors’ Notes

Meghan Trainor ditches doe-eyed doo-wop for fierce, funky, radio-ready pop hits, and proves she’s more than a one-hit wonder. On Thank You, the “All About That Bass” star trades her retro-R&B style for Bruno Mars-esque vocal flexing and hip-hop-level bravado, flaunting her success on “Watch Me Do” (“I’m the–shhh, be quiet, I been on the no-hater diet,”) and sending up sleaze-balls on the power-anthem “NO.” The standout track, a trop-pop smash titled “I Won’t Let You Down,” was written, fittingly, for herself: “I’ve made my mistakes, probably more than I can count,” she sings,” so from this day on, I won’t let you down.”