The Planning of a Trip Step 1: The dream and inception

I’d love to go with you LOL…such a huge country and I’ve only seen a portion of it. Maybe when I retire?

I look forward to hearing all your detailed plans and of course about your experiences!

The Planning of a Trip Step 1: The dream and inception

Sandy Did

In Paris I met two awesome guys who were just beginning their travelling (One of them is a writer. Check out his road stories here). They walked places because they were scared of the metro, so we drank with them, explained the system, our views on life… all the wonderfulness that I call travel friend magic. While they were talking about their trip and asking for advice and such, and they said, “one day we’ll be as wise as you”. It was weird, because I don’t think of myself as wise, and I’m pretty sure my liver’s with me on this one. But I guess I do sort of have a handle on this. A lot of the time I get asked to help people I’ve met with their trip planning process and it tends to go as smoothly as a trip can. So, I’m going to plan my next…

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