The Overwhelming Fire in Northern Alberta -#FortMacFire

How Big is the Fort McMurray Fire? – Macleans News

I’m sure that you’ve already heard about it – the fire that has ravaged Fort MacMurray and drove thousands of people from their homes and their city!  This news has been all over social media all week….Unfortunately the fire is not showing signs of stopping, I just heard right now that it has now grown to 100,000 hectars!

I feel overwhelmed and I’m just a bystander, watching all of this unfold. The feeling of helplessness and loss and fear for the future is being felt by each and everyone of us…

How easily we could be in the same position to have to evacuate out homes and lose everything…with no safe haven to go to….I just have no words

Yesterday, hearing about all of the help and provisions that are being pulled together in full force to help in these terrible times makes me very proud of how people pull together to help. It is all people are talking about!

There are many ways to give your help in the form of cash donations, the basic necessities are being collected by the truckload to have on hand for the people in need – you just have to check your community or Facebook, etc.

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