Fort McMurray Natural Disaster


Hey friends,

These past few days have been a heartbreaking time in the area that I live. With unusually high temperatures ranging in the 30C range, the entire province of Alberta has been dry and VERY hot. For the past few weeks we have been battling wildfires, and fire bans have been put in place in almost every county in the province.

One of these wildfires has been raging since the weekend near the city of Fort McMurray. Many of you probably know this place as the evil centre of all oilsands activity, but this is also known to many families as home, work, and life.

Yesterday, the wildfire spread in to the city, evacuating 83,000 residents out of their homes and even more workers to northern camps. This is the largest wildfire evacuation in the history of Alberta. About 20,000 people fled South to the closest city and my home…

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