A few weeks ago I visited a friend and she served me the most wonderful cake that I ever tasted…”Where did you get this cake?” I asked her. I had never in my life tasted anything more delicious and decadent! Duchess_Bake_Shop_Gateau_Gabrielle-2_large

As I googled this lovely little bakery I found out that it is so much more than just a bakery!

The have their own cookbooks and they have products, ingredients that you can buy to create your own delectables! Wow I am so very impressed and I haven’t even gone to visit them yet!

Open since October 2009, Duchess Bake Shop is located on bustling 124th Street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We offer the perfect blend of classic French pastries, like macarons, croissants, and éclairs, and Alberta favourites, like brownies and butter tarts.

One of the ‘world’s best bakeries’: Behind the scenes of Edmonton’s Duchess Bake Shop

The Globe and Mail

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Duchess Bake Shop website