Style Icon: Harry Styles

Sounds Of Style

I finally have a post that is geared towards the male population!  I know you will probably see the title of this post and completely ignore it, but just keep an open mind.

Yes, I am a huge One Direction fan.  That being said, I do follow them a lot.  Harry Styles is known to be a fashion icon around the world.  He always seems to make an outfit look awesome whether its just casual, or more formal.

Harry is often seen in button-down shirts that he (fortunately) only buttons about halfway.  He then adds some necklaces to pull it together.  You always see him in tight skinny jeans as well.  In America guys find this weird I guess?  In Europe (and basically every other country) they wear them often so really, its nothing out of the ordinary.

Harry is also always wearing some sort of ankle boots that are…

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