My Weekend With Harry Styles – Part 1

Wow! I really loved reading about your adventure! can’t wait to read part 2!!!

Benjamin Phillips

The last weekend of August was the last hurrah for my adventures this year. At least I think so. I can never be sure when I’ll be off on another spontaneous trip. (Ina Garten is coming to Chicago next month…) But for the present, I doubt I’ll be venturing outside the Midwest until Spring Break. I can’t tolerate the cold, as you well know, so I’ll need some warmth. I’ll just die if I don’t get some sun. Where will I go, though? Puerto Rico? Los Angeles? Mexico? Who can say? I certainly can’t. I’m not on topic, but you’re used to that by now. We’re discussing the weekend I spent in Chicago with my boyfriends in One Direction, not my future travel plans, so let’s get started.

Last year in the middle of winter — actually, I think it was Black Friday, but that’s not important — Jessica and…

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