REVIEW: Zayn Malik’s better off in a boyband

I’m not sure that I agree with you…. but I appreciate your review!

The Huntingtonian

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Zayn Malik is best known for his time as part of the U.K. boyband, One Direction. After listening to his first solo album, “Mind Of Mine,” I can comfortably say he was better off as part of the band of five rather than creating music as a performer of one.

The overall hype for his album release lead to a letdown. The album is bland. Zayn fails to deliver quality music to his loyal fans. This album was supposed to showcase Zayn’s voice and talent, but all it showcased was music that failed to stand out to me.

“Mind Of Mine” feels forced and generic. I listened over and over hoping to feel his emotion and passion for the music, but I failed to get a hint of anything. Zayn seems alone and distant, making it seem like leaving One Direction was a step in the wrong direction.

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