Mind of Malik: Zayn’s Debut Album Aims Too High To Please

The Hudsucker

Full disclosure: I am a Directioner. If you’re unsure, that’s a ride-or-die, ‘til-the-end One Direction fan. On March 25, 2015, I (along with the most of the 1D fandom) was confused, saddened, and angry after learning one of the band’s founding members, Zayn Malik, walked away from the group.

Fast forward exactly one year later: Zayn is releasing his first solo album, and everyone from fans to the band’s mentor, Simon Cowell, is still unsure if their “break” is just a hiatus, or a permanent separation.

As a Directioner, I was miffed over Malik’s decision to leave, making the release of his album on the one-year anniversary of his departure all the more bitter. However, as a lover of music, I decided to give it a shot, and listen to his solo debut with an unbiased and nonpartisan perspective. Let’s take it from the top…

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