Miami Music Week is over

Miami Music Week is over

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After a week of non-stop partying, raving, drinking, and doing drugs. We can finally go back to living our boring lifestyles. Back to school, work, or even just going back to your hometown.

Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference/Ultra Music Festival flew by us, providing us with 7 days of festivities. During my time at multiple events, I met people from Austria, Italy, Brazil, China, and other parts of the world. They all come to party in our hometown, that’s something special.

Unfortunately I took a break from UMF this year after attending the festival for 5 years straight, but I did hear the Livestream and regretted not attending. I hope everyone had a great time during their three days at Ultra. Let’s take some time to remember Ultra brings our beautiful city millions of dollars each year, which goes into our communities, so the next time someone tries to bash…

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