Why i am a Directioner <3


And all their little things… ❤



So in this pot I wanted to tell the world WHY I AM A DIRECTIONER ❤

To be honest I was not always a directioner and this is why I can explain EXACTLY why I converted. I about 4 years ago was a hard core BELIEBER : D… I know I know, WHAT??!!! well yeah I was, I was com-per-lately obsessed with beebz and I actually HATED one direction and I cant believe how dumb I was. Now, my sister and my cousin michelle LOVED ❤ one d and whenever I went to Manchester to stay with michelle or she came here we would argue who’s was better and say SHITE about each others musicians 😦 I know… so stupid!!

But.. eventually mr. Bieber kept doing bad things and started dying out in the affection of his beliebers and I being…

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