PSA – Dear all 12-14 year olds..

emily jane donnelly

I have never met a person of my own age who recalled their early teenage days with anything but uncomfortable disgust. It’s a time of awkward transitioning when you’re not a child but you’re really not an adult, you have no idea who the hell you are and you’re all around confused about pretty much everything. Anybody my age recalls their tween self with nothing but repulsion, we even go as far as to deny we existed before we were 15/16.

I think the majority of us entered into an awkward emo stage where we listened to Nirvana all day and were certain that we were born in the wrong decade because nobody understood you like Kurt Cobain. You may even have gotten a piercing or dyed your hair blue because you were just that full of angst.giphy

Some of us endured a ‘random xD’ phase where we had private…

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