My Alarming Transition Into Harry Styles

I just Love reading your articles Benjamin! Yes You could double for H 🙂

Benjamin Phillips

After a lengthy afternoon on the beach the day before, I decided I was a bit too burnt to tan again. It would not be very intelligent of me to fry myself completely when I only had the slightest overexposure to the UV rays. My tan is coming along nicely, too, though it is incomparable to the other people here. They have the most beautiful skin, and it fills me with envy. I tan all right, but I’ve never gotten to the point where they seem to live their lives. How much time do they spend on the beach? My hour and a half a day must not be enough!

So, instead of frying, I decided to try and do a bit of relaxing, which I’ve told you before I’m just no good at. How do you do it? I like taking naps, and I’m quite good at spending hours on the…

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