The Fashion of our Idols – The Evolution of Harry Styles

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The Fashion of our Idols – The Evolution of Harry Styles



Harry Styles is arguably the most talked about iconoclast of our day.  His personal grooming and aesthetic has grown up, and we have been enamoured with everything Styles.  I mean’ come on, he has the perfect name.  All of the One Direction Lads are fine tuning their personal styles as the years rock and roll on, and just as they are setling into their own unique and more mature personalities, we get to see side of them free from the standard PR and ‘management’, and the underlying truth appears as if written in the stars, or maybe even on their bodies.


‘The Larries’ would argue many aspects of the the tattoo phenoma that has dogged the boys.  Perhaps their inability to be true to themselves lends itself to pushing the boundaries of surface appearance.  Matching tattoos are certainly a thing,  wouldn’t that make an interesting love story or…

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