Yes You’re right! Spring is here and I love it!

Benjamin Phillips


Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner & Polish (and bleach):


I have had a Le Creuset dutch oven since I graduated from high school. When I moved to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu, I took that heavy lime green pot across the Atlantic with me. I regret the added weight, but not the act. I use my dutch ovens (I’ve two of them now) for absolutely everything…and it shows. In the past couple years, I have taken to baking no-knead bread in the heavy enameled pan which turns out deliciously, but it makes my pot look like actual shit. Somehow, little browned bits have gotten burnt into the glaze. I was sure it was ruined for the rest of my life. Even the inside started to look rough, with blackened scorch marks. It worked perfectly fine, but it did not look good. Now, I have a little neurosis —…

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