Words Are Louder Than Bombs – Are Writers being Silenced

stranger things have happened 😦

The Sound Of Summer

Something very disturbing may be afoot.  It looks like writers are being silenced in a move that is more in keeping with Hitlers Nazi Germany than the modern day western world.  I don’t mind telling you that I am feeling somewhat paranoid.

Regular readers will be aware that in my paid writing I write about popular culture for a US based news aggregation service.  Over the past few months I have become engrossed with goings-on with pop group One Direction.

It’s fair to say that everyone knows that the music business is incredibly manipulative with the “middle-men” taking a huge cut of bands earnings.  It is also established fact that without publicity bands have less than zero chance of making it big.  For bands like One Direction image is all important.  Without the publicity machine bands drop off the radar as quickly as they arrived.

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