Personal Views on the Rumors constantly surrounding One Direction

Rumors – Truth only the people intimately involved know the complete truth.

I hate hearing about conspiracies and censorship of any kind…but I also don’t necessarily want to always know the the truth, because sometimes it can be messy and ugly and it can hurt.

My personal opinion on reading several articles and posts surrounding the Men of One Direction is…it’s just not my business.

I’m a huge fan of One Direction’s music, of them as artists and I love the fandom – most of the time.

BUT these guys should be allowed to have a life – which means free of drama, unless they themselves are causing it – then, whelp, they will get drama back!

I’ve heard many times…that publicity is publicity and as unfortunate as it may sound more often then not BAD publicity is the best kind of publicity.

I wish the “boys” all the best – Live, Love & laugh!

Enjoy your young life while you have it!