Um Zayn? what are you trying to say with your new album?

Yesterday on twitter I checked out a small audio clip of one of Zayn’s new songs…

If you want to sell music I guess sex sells, also being a former One Direction bandmate will probably help to sell your music too? Maybe even because you are dating the beautiful Gigi Hadid? or maybe because you have the face, body & attitude of a model yourself Zayn! but if you want people to like your music… then it at least has to sound good.  the clip that I heard – even with the crappy lyrics it sucks!!click here

but hey that is just one music lover’s opinion…I will wait until I get a chance to hear more before I say that I hate it 🙂


I will eat my words today – after hearing #pillowtalk I am really impressed and so happy to hear Zayn and his sound – the video is very impressive too 🙂

watch Pillowtalk here