The Debut Song


After wrapping up of X-factor, Simon Cowell signed the boys for a reported £2 millions. 1D boys got extremely busy in vocal practicing and recording songs during the initial months of 2011.

One Direction became the most desired boy band in the country and then in the world. They started inducing the social media. The ‘direction infection’ was spreading rapidly throughout the planet.

‘One Direction recorded their first song’ ( OMG! OMG! Yayyyyyy :D). The adorable band recorded their debut song in Cosmos studios and Kinglet studios in Stockholm for Syco music.’What Makes You Beautiful‘ was released on Sept 11, 2011 and was a commercial success. The song premiered on BBC Radio 1 and  topped the charts in several countries.


What Makes You Beautiful was a fun, upbeat, and incredibly catchy song. 1D performed it live, for the first time, on Red or Black? Not only the…

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