Interview with Cassie from Cass Travels

Irish Travel Key

When you meet people travelling whether they are travelling your home or your on adventure yourself, it’s always encouraging and refreshing to hear of different stories and prospective. This week I had to pleasure of having a quick chat with Cassie from Cass Travels

Tell me a bit about your trip to Ireland and why did you choose Dublin??

I went to Dublin for a weekend with a group of girlfriends from London, plus one from New York.

Believe it or not, the genesis for the trip was a concert.  A 1 Direction concert.  Did I mention we’re all in our late 20s?

We thought that it would be a good excuse to see another city and get away for the weekend.  We rented a flat via AirBNB that was walking distance to the city centre and to the concert (which turned out to be a great choice once we…

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