Sapphire Grace


So recently, I’ve been a little obsessed with Troye Sivan’s new album (Blue Neighbourhood), so I thought I would share a little about my fangirl side from the past and present. Hold on tight, it’s about to get wild.

One Direction.

Yes, I’m that girl. I was introduced to the boys in 2010 (god, so long ago!), and was not impressed. I was twelve, and I hated Justin Bieber with a passion, and was not interested in the whole screaming teenage girl, fawning over a boy type thing… AT ALL!

A few months later, I found myself watching the What Makes You Beautiful video on repeat, and from there it kind of just escalated. I’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on merchandise, and concert tickets (I went to the Take Me Home, and On The Road Again tours).

I still like their music, however with Zayn having…

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